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What makes Pilates special?

What makes Pilates special?

What makes Pilates special?

Why are Physiotherapists such big fans of Pilates?  There are 3 aspects of Pilates which I think make Pilates special.  They are the things that make it more than a slow bums and tums workout!

“The Pilates  method of Body Conditioning develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.”

Joseph H. Pilates

Pilates is not slow aerobics!

The stand out differences to me are the focus on breathing, the inclusion of the pelvic floor and the mindfulness of the movement to make sure that both the breathing and the core muscles stay integrated to the arm and leg movement patterns.  This trains the body to work in the patterns we need to do on automatic pilot in real life.

Even when you have been doing Pilates a long time, it can be helpful to stop to take a moment to re-connect with the basics.  I have made some videos to help you practice these 3 key elements.

1. Using your breath correctly

We want to aim to breathe out as we first connect with the pelvic floor and lower abdominals.  These muscles work very closely with the breathing muscle, the diaphragm. 

Many people find breathing and doing pelvic floor really difficult.  Let me show you how to do both at the same time!  It’s all about know how.  I hope this children’s toy called a Hoberman’s sphere will help you visualise better.

see how our lungs work with our abdomen & pelvic floor & we can practice together

2. Pelvic Floor Focus

When there is a lot going on in an exercise the pelvic floor can easily get abandoned or completely left out!  It can help to take a seperate moment to focus in on the best action.   It works best if you use both the front and back of it – and it has sides too !

let’s do a pelvic floor focus exercise together…

3. Doing More Than One Thing at a Time!

The real skill we are searching for in Pilates is  the art of being able to do it all at the same time – breathing, engaging the core and moving.  If you want to be the teacher you have to smile too!

practice some of the foundation Pilates exercises with me…

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2 thoughts on “What makes Pilates special?

  1. Hi Pilates Pty Ltd

    As someone who has been practicing Pilates for years, I couldn’t agree more with this article. What sets Pilates apart from other workouts is the focus on proper breathing, pelvic floor engagement, and overall mindfulness in movement. It’s not just about toning your abs and glutes, but about training your body to move efficiently in everyday life. The tips and exercises shared in this post are extremely helpful for both beginners and advanced practitioners to revisit and perfect their technique. If you’re looking for a workout that not only strengthens your body but also invigorates your mind and spirit, Pilates is definitely worth a try.

  2. Hi Pilates Pty Ltd

    The image we have of Pilates teachers as a society is preconceived. That’s certainly part of being an effective Pilates teacher, but it’s not the only factor. Knowledge of anatomy, teaching skills, and the ability to adapt exercises to different levels and needs are all components of an effective Pilates teacher. This is essential to being an excellent teacher. It is essential to focus on these qualities instead of judging them by their appearance. Pilates instructors must ensure their clients achieve their goals and improve their health and well-being.

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