PhysioPilates Academy

For Pupils

This page has useful information for our current pupils to help manage your schedule and answer FAQs:

How can I access my Mindbody account?

If you are a current pupil you have a Mindbody account which you access with your email and your private password. You can use the click through link below to access your Mindbody account where you will be able to view or change your schedule, profile and manage payments.

CLICK HERE to access your personal schedule on Mindbody

If you are not a current pupil please do not use the links on this website to register an account. Please rather contact us for further information about class availability and how to join a class or our waiting list.

How do I download the Mindbody App to my phone?

Most people find the phone app the easiest way to view and change their schedule.

What is the current timetable?

PhysioPilates  Sept 2022 Schedule of Classes:

Mondays                     Whittlesford                                9.25, 10.30 & 11.45am Maria Dean

Mondays                     Whittlesford                                7.10pm & 8.15pm Amanda Savage

Tuesdays                     Little Shelford                            6.40pm & 7.45pm Michelle Mackay

Tuesdays                     North Cambs Academy             7.00pm & 8.10pm Susanne Guly

Tuesdays                     Whittlesford                               6pm & 7.10 Tasha Danischewsky

Wednesdays               Little Shelford                            6pm Michelle Mackay

Wednesdays               Little Shelford                             7.10pm & 8.15pm Maria Dean

Thursdays                   ONLINE                               6pm Amanda Savage

Thursdays                   Whittlesford                                7.10pm & 8.15pm Fiona O’Leary

Saturdays ONLINE 9.30am Amanda Savage

When are the online classes?

Thursday 6pm or Saturday Mornings 9.30 am

Amanda Savage runs a 50 minute classic matwork Pilates class on Thursday evenings at 6pm and Saturday mornings 9.30am (for a virtuous start to the weekend!).

Classes can be attended “pay-as-you-go” (£8/class) or bought as a (bargain priced!) bundle.

What are the postcodes for the class venues?

The online app shows the map of one of our venues Whittlesford Memorial Hall CB22 4NE.

Here are the postcodes for the other venues:

North Cambridge Academy (Tuesdays): CB4 2JF , drama studio

Little Shelford Memorial Hall (Tues & Weds): CB22 5HG, next to Winners Dinners!

How do I reschedule my class?

We are always delighted to welcome you to any of our other classes if you need to re-arrange one of yours.  See our terms & conditions here. If you cancel your in-person class before 10am on the day of the class you will get a credit to use up at another class (subject to availability and within the same term).

CLICK HERE to access your personal schedule on Mindbody

If you can’t come to class please do cancel your class on the system – even after 10am.  Even if you are too late to claim a credit this works really well to enable other people to make up their missed classes. Thank you for being so thoughtful!

You can join a class even on the day if there is a vacancy! so if you have a credit and suddenly a spare evening and fancy some Pilates do look on the day to see if there is a late cancellation that you could utilise.

The class I want to swap to is full – how do I join the waiting list?

Waiting list:  when you are looking at the classes on the Mindbody App or your computer – if the class has no spaces vacant  you can still click on the class and it will offer for you to go on the waiting list.  2 people can wait per class and 80% of the time they get a place. You get notified by email when you get a place.  This will always be before 10 am on the day.  After 10 am I have to let people know by text/email if a place comes up at short notice.  However, if it says CALL that means the waiting list is full too – no need to actually call me!  If you don’t get the swap you want when you first try it is still worth checking back nearer the time or even on the day to see if there is a vacancy come up late.