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More information about our PhysioPilates classes

PhysioPilates offers the highest quality physiotherapy-led exercise sessions. We keep our classes small (13 pupils) to ensure  a high quality of individual focused care.

We do not offer “drop in” classes. In person classes are pre-booked and paid for by the term. For example a 11 week term will cost £132.

Though we cannot offer refunds for holidays or missed classes, we uniquely run a special online system where if you are unable to attend a class you can arrange to ‘swap’ your class to a different session (subject to availability and within the same term).  We offer 12 hall-based classes across Monday-Thursday as well as 2 online class options – giving you lots of opportunity to re-arrange a class when needed. We also provide you each term with a Library of pre-recorded classes to use if you can’t make a live class or for extra practice!

Terms & conditions of booking.

PhysioPilates  2022 Schedule of Classes:

Mondays                     Whittlesford                                9.25am, 10.30am & 11.45am

Mondays                     Whittlesford                                7.10pm & 8.15pm

Tuesdays                     Little Shelford                            6.40pm & 7.45pm

Tuesdays                     North Cambs Academy             7.00pm & 8.10pm

Tuesdays                     Whittlesford                                 6pm & 7.10

Wednesdays               Little Shelford                             6pm, 7.10pm & 8.15pm

Thursdays                   Whittlesford                                7.10pm & 8.15pm

Thursdays. ONLINE 6pm

Saturdays ONLINE 9.30am

Saturday Mornings 9.30 am & Thursdays 6pm ONLINE classes

Amanda Savage runs 50 minute classic matwork Pilates classes on Thursday evenings & Saturday mornings (9.30am for a virtuous start to the weekend!).

Amanda specialises in detailed teaching and instructions so that you can be sure of working effectively and safely at home. Amanda’s Propelvic online classes are for good beginners or intermediate level pupils.  The pace is steady with lots of attention to getting your technique right – including your pelvic floor awareness and remembering to breathe!!   She will give you suggestions of how to level up (or down) depending on your ability.  All the exercises she chooses are back, neck & pelvic floor friendly and avoid overstraining the abdominals.  

Classes can be attended “pay-as-you-go” (£8/class) or bought as a (bargain priced) bundle.

Contact Amanda for a free trial class.

How can I join a hall-based PhysioPilates class?

If you are interested in joining one of our general in-person hall-based Pilates classes please contact Amanda using the contact form below to find out more about availability. Please include  a little bit of information about how much Pilates experience you already have and your health background so that we can guide you towards the most suitable class.  If you have a preference for North or South Cambridge classes please let me know.

Waiting list

Because our classes are so popular there may be a waiting list to join a class, however, once you have a place in a class you may keep it for as long as suits you.

Introductory sessions for new pupils

If you have not done Pilates before, or are rusty, or uncertain of your level or your health needs you will be invited to attend an introductory session before attending your first class. You will benefit most from classes if you have the opportunity to learn the basic techniques and principles of Pilates individually or within a smaller group first. You will then be able to participate fully from the first class and enjoy your Pilates lessons more. Introductory sessions (1:1 or 1:2) are £55 arranged with Amanda at a mutually convenient time.

Antental or Postnatal Classes

For Antenatal or Postnatal classes please contact Maria Dean of Contento Pilates directly, through her own website

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